There are many things that I do to make my lovely partner, Scarlet, happy.  One of them is watching East Enders with her (a show I loathe).  So when she suggested we start watching the new BBC production of Poldark, I was reluctant.  Well now I am a fan, mostly because of the character of the main character Ross Poldark.  I would suggest he exemplifies what a real man is all about (Scarlet thinks the actor who plays him Aidan Turner is a hottie).  He is a man of action, he has a sense of honor and duty, he appears to have a degree of morality–although he slips-ups at times–but most importantly he is striving for self-determination.  Ross Poldark is without a doubt his own man.  Sarra Manning in the Guardian wrote:

He’s equally at home in the drawing rooms of the gentry as he is supping cider in the fields with the great unwashed. He has contempt for those who are rich only by accident of birth and knows how to perform all manner of household tasks. He’s part alpha male, part metrosexual, all combined in one HD-ready, smouldering package…. he is a hero for any age. He’s imbued with a social conscience, sees the heroine as an equal rather than a commodity to be conquered and possessed, and manages to do all this in a pair of pleasingly tight breeches without banging on about his feelings all the time.

There are many strong male role models in literature, certainly more than in real life.  Jean Valjean, Fitzwilliam (Mr.) Darcy, Horatio Hornblower, Atticus Finch and certainly Ross Poldark.

Put a pizza into the oven,  open a bottle of wine, flop onto the couch, pull your sweetie close, and check out the new production of Poldark.  You may learn a thing or two about what it means to a real man.

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